Coaching Resources

All of our coaches are volunteers and we want to take every opportunity to assist them as much as we can. Below are a few resources that coaches can utilize to help with their team(s).

Soccer Drills at

Free Youth Soccer Drills

SoccerCoachCoach provides a growing list of free youth soccer drills, tips and tricks for volunteer coaches.
Check out

Field Permits

Woodland Hills Youth Soccer Teams have been provided access to Koch Park, Forrest Hills Main Park, and the Westinghouse Recreation Center Fields 1 and 2 for practices and games throughout the week.

Should someone else be using the fields during your allotted practice/game time, please do not engage them beyond notifying them of our permit. Should they not yield the space, the Borough asked that we immediately contact the Forrest Hills Police to settle the matter.

There are a few times where both soccer and baseball are being played at the Westinghouse Rec Center at the same time. We should try to share the available space as long as both groups have room to play safely.

Copies of the field permits can be found by clicking here.