Under 10 Girls

Our U-10 Girls Division gives 8 and 9 year olds the opportunity to develop their skills, learn to play as a team, have fun, and build strong friendships, all while experiencing everything that the beautiful game has to offer.


  • All U-10 games are played on Saturday mornings against neighboring communities
    such as Monroeville, Murrysville, and Plum. All home games are held at Wilkins
    Elementary in Wilkins Township while away games are played at the opponent’s
    fields, none further than Plum. There is typically one practice night per week for the
    U-10 Girls Division.
  • The U-10 schedule consists of 8 weeks in the fall, then 8 weeks the following spring.
  • All kids will need to have:
    • Shinguards. For safety reasons, children will not be allowed to participate if they don’t have shinguards.
    • A soccer ball. U-10s use size 4 soccer balls extensively in practice.
    • Soccer shoes are not required, but are recommended. Baseball shoes are not allowed since they have a toe cleat that can seriously injure other players.
    • Water. It’s important for everyone to stay hydrated, especially children.
    • A Woodland Hills uniform. Most uniforms can be purchased once and then worn for multiple seasons.

U-10 plays home games on the field behind the school.