Under 6 Coed

Our U-6 Coed Division gives 4 and 5 year olds the opportunity to get outside, make some friends, and burn off some energy, all while experiencing everything that the beautiful game has to offer.


  • All U-6 games are played on Saturday mornings at Forest Hills Park (see map on the right). There is no additional practice during the week for the U-6 Division.
  • “Games” consist of 30 minutes of practice, followed by a 30 minute game.
  • Most games are 4-vs-4 (no goalies) which gives each child an opportunity to participate, contribute, and become an integral part of their team.
  • The U-6 schedule consists of 9 weeks in the fall, then 9 weeks the following spring.
  • All kids will need to have:
    • Shinguards. For safety reasons, children will not be allowed to participate if they don’t have shinguards.
    • A soccer ball. U-6s use size 3 soccer balls extensively in practice.
    • Soccer shoes are not required, but are recommended. Baseball shoes are not allowed since they have a toe cleat that can seriously injure other players.
    • Water. It’s important for everyone to stay hydrated, especially children.
    • A Woodland Hills uniform. Most uniforms can be purchased once and then worn for multiple seasons.

U-6 plays on the fields closest to the playgound.